Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Training!!

Yesterday I bought Maddie an Elmo potty chair.  I liked the pink one but Maddie liked the Elmo potty chair that talks when you push Elmo's hand.  Along with her potty chair I bought her little pink underwear and rubber pants to go over her underwear.  Which I LOVE because there is no horrendous mess when she has an accident.  Last night before her bath I sat her on her potty for the first time!

This morning I picked Maddie up out of her crib, put her on the changing table and told her I was putting her big girl underwear on and she to go peepee on her big girl potty not in her underwear.  I put her underwear and let her down because I was going to go get the camera and take her picture with her underwear on.  When I put her down on the floor she ran right to the potty!  She didn't go to the bathroom on it but she sat on it!  She remembered her big girl potty from last night right away!

...Maddie this morning sitting on the potty and pushing Elmo to talk.
She peed and pooped in her underwear.  Before her nap I told her to sit on the potty and when I looked at the potty the was a little bit of peepee in it!!!!  She peed on the potty for the first time and I didn't even notice!!  She must have done it when I sat her on the potty while I cleaned off her poopy underwear.  So the first day of potty training and Maddie already succeeded.  I'm nervous about this whole potty training thing though.  It feels like such a big deal.  If anyone has any advice please feel free to share!  I don't know how consistent this whole thing is going to be though.  Of course I'll be doing it whenever I am home but everyone in our house has such different schedules it'll be hard to be potty-training-consistent sometimes.  That irritates me.  My mom was like she'll get potty trained eventually.  Yeah well I don't want to be doing this for a year and a half or two years because noone else is being consistent with her!


Kari @ p.s. said...

Yay for Madison. Since she's taking to it so well, she'll get the hang of it quickly. My daughter did. She was never scared of the potty chair like some kids, so it was easier for her to learn I guess!

Bethany said...

Great job, Madison! I potty trained a little boy, and in the beginning we stayed home all day, had him drink a lot and try the potty every 20 min, then every 30 min, etc. until he know what it felt like to have to go.

Anonymous said...

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