Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

Maddie saw the Easter Bunny this morning! As you can see smiling but tense. There was no line.. unlike the hour and 15 minutes we had to stand in line for Santa Clause and then I paid 20 dollars for a picture of her screaming it was still cute though. She started to freak out at first and then she started to pet the bunny's ear. And I put her on the lap and we quickly distracted her so she did an awkward transition from crying to smiling lol. But I'm happy with it. It's a cute picture.

She was kind of cranky today mainly this morning. And she didn't eat any of her lunch. I think her tummy hurt. After her second, shall I say "relief" later on tonight she was in a happier mood. Jason got out Sarah's big kitchen and the pots and pans that go with it and she got so excited! Before that me and the boys took her outside on her Leap Frog choo choo train. Which is one of her favorite toys

She was laughing at the boys and then I think she had enough. It was hot out and she gets cranky when she is hot. Like mother like daughter ;).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick One

Maddie's Easter pics yesterday went sooo good! I can't wait until I get them she smiled a lot and they came out really cute. Her excema is still bad. Her pediatrician said to call her if it isn't better in a week and she'll call in a steroid cream for her. I'm most likely going to end up having to do that. I'm officially finished with my first semester of school!! YAY!! I'm on spring break and then I start again on the 7th.
Well, that's it for now! goodnight

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Day...Long Post

Today was a long day. I went to school and read my research paper that counted as the final. Which feels sooo wonderful to be done with it! Then I cam ehome for about an hour and took Maddie to the doctor for her rash. Since she had a rash we had to go in through the back door in case it is contagious. So we sat alone in a room in the back. Maddie must of known where we were because everytime she saw someone in scrubs she cried. We sat back there for about 30 minutes and then when the medical assistant came to get us to weigh her she immediately stiffened up in my arms and then screamed when I put her on the scale like she usually does. Then we sat for another 30 mimnutes waiting for her pediatrician. And of course Maddie cried when she saw her to. And when she realized we were completely finshed she was all smiles, the lil booger! Our pediatrician said it was a really bad case of excema and to keep doing what we have been doing... putting aquafor and hydrocortizone on her and giving her oatmeal baths. She also gave me Zyrtec and a non-steroid cream (that I think stings my poor baby because she cried sooo sad when I put it on her after her bath tonight!).

Here she is in her oatmeal bath tonight. (Sorry I'm still using pictures from my phone so they aren't very good). It's a good thing she loves playing in her bath so she can soak in it for about 20 minutes. I also told the pediatrician that she still isn't walking yet. She said that I have the option of taking her to Early Intervention. So I think that I'll do that to see what they say and if they can help her out a little bit. It couldn't hurt. After the dr. we went to pick up the kids and take them to music. Then we met everybody at Wendy's and after that me and Maddie went to Babies R Us to look for white shoes because I'm getting Maddie's Easter pictures taken tomorrow. I didn't find the shoes in right size but I found an outfit that says Mommy's Little Angel! :) We got home at 8 and I still had some things I had to get done so I didn't get Maddie into bed until 9. Which was fine because she was perfectly happy crawling around. Lately she's been going to bed pretty early, usually around 8.

That's about it for our day today. Hopefully she'll be good for her pictures tomorrow! Here are a few more pictures of Maddie. A few weeks ago I was messing around and got an idea to try to straighten her hair! Well it didn't work out to good (I didn't think it would lol.. but I just wanted to see!) and she didn't appreciate it too much. I just ended up wetting her hair and letting it curl back up again but the pictures are pretty funny!

She was with Christa so she was reaching for me. And then the second picture I took her and she was more relaxed. What a mama's girl!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Madison, Madison, Madison

My baby girl is almost 15 months old!!! It's gone by sooo quickly! This picture is of her dancing in the car and trying to snap her fingers.
She has been a little bit on the fuzzy side these last couple of days. I am hoping that doesn't mean she is getting sick. I think it's just because she is getting her 'fang' teeth. And she has really bad excema on her legs. It is really bad! I have been giving her oatmeal baths and putting hydrocortizone and aquafor on her. I can tell it bothers her because I catch her scratching her legs occasionally.
She is such a funny little thing. She loves going outside and swinging on her swing while she watches the kids run around and play in the backyard. She is the loudest little baby you will ever come across! She says bye-bye, hi, yay and uh-oh. (She usually says uh-oh before she throws a toy). Growling is still her primary form of communication though, especially when she disagrees with something! She also will hug her baby doll when you tell her to be nice to her baby. But she rather watch someone else say aww to the baby. She is really into showing off when someone is over at the house. She thinks she is hilarious... and she's right!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still learning..

Well as you can see I just started this blogging thing. And I look at other peoples blogs and I see how pretty they are and I don't know how they get like that! So if you happen to come by my page and you know how to do all that fancy stuff if you would be oh so kind to shoot me a message and help me out a little ;) .. I also have to get some pics on my computer since they all got erased so I can post pics up of Maddie... But I've been a little busy with school.. at least I am TRYING to be busy with school. I have a 5 page paper that counts as our final due on Tuesday and I really haven't started yet. Yes I am probably the BIGGEST possible procrastinator you will ever meet!! I also have to catch up on my computer class before tonights deadline. I had to call out of work today because I was of course told at the last minute that I have to watch the kids. So lets all pray that I don't kill my brother Joshua before the night is over. He seems to be in an okay mood since he got home though so maybe he'll be alright today.
Well I need to do my paper so maybe more later..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My First Post

I decided to start into blogging as a way to vent about things. And let my family know how me and Maddie are doing. Well she is 14 months now and the sweetest little girl you will ever meet with the BIGGEST personality you ever did see! She has quite a temper that we are trying to make sure it doesn't get any worse! She loves her family. She still isn't walking yet but we are hoping that she catches on soon!
As for me, I am working at Olive Garden part time as a server and going to school full time at a trade school. I'm going to get my associate's in Early Childhood Education adn then go on to USF to get my Bachelor's. I am currently single which is perfectly fine with me. Madison, school and work keep me plenty busy!
My computer got a virus so all the pictures on my computer got erased. But I'll be putting pictures up eventually when I have time to put them all on my computer again.