Saturday, September 26, 2009

Popsicle Eatin' Toddler

Brain Freeze!!!
...Oh yeah...this popsicle eatin' toddler is 21 months old today!  Three more months until my little girl is two years old!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Empty Parking Lot

Today was the first day of my classes this semester, so I thought!  I woke up early and made the 30 minute drive to my school just to pull in to an empty parking lot.  Apparently school doesn't start until next week.  IN MY DEFENSE..ever since I have been at that school we have gotten a week break in between semesters and now all of the sudden they give us two weeks.  Oh well... at least Maddie got to go to the park out of it since mommy was already up early and dressed.

Madison loves "people watching".  She is so nosy she will stop and just stare at people.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Rhyme

There was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead,

And when she was good,

She was very, very good,

But when she was bad she was horrid. as a little girl with a curl at 5 years old...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Training!!

Yesterday I bought Maddie an Elmo potty chair.  I liked the pink one but Maddie liked the Elmo potty chair that talks when you push Elmo's hand.  Along with her potty chair I bought her little pink underwear and rubber pants to go over her underwear.  Which I LOVE because there is no horrendous mess when she has an accident.  Last night before her bath I sat her on her potty for the first time!

This morning I picked Maddie up out of her crib, put her on the changing table and told her I was putting her big girl underwear on and she to go peepee on her big girl potty not in her underwear.  I put her underwear and let her down because I was going to go get the camera and take her picture with her underwear on.  When I put her down on the floor she ran right to the potty!  She didn't go to the bathroom on it but she sat on it!  She remembered her big girl potty from last night right away!

...Maddie this morning sitting on the potty and pushing Elmo to talk.
She peed and pooped in her underwear.  Before her nap I told her to sit on the potty and when I looked at the potty the was a little bit of peepee in it!!!!  She peed on the potty for the first time and I didn't even notice!!  She must have done it when I sat her on the potty while I cleaned off her poopy underwear.  So the first day of potty training and Maddie already succeeded.  I'm nervous about this whole potty training thing though.  It feels like such a big deal.  If anyone has any advice please feel free to share!  I don't know how consistent this whole thing is going to be though.  Of course I'll be doing it whenever I am home but everyone in our house has such different schedules it'll be hard to be potty-training-consistent sometimes.  That irritates me.  My mom was like she'll get potty trained eventually.  Yeah well I don't want to be doing this for a year and a half or two years because noone else is being consistent with her!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disney Trip #3

Last Saturday through Monday, Maddie and I were in Disney World with my dad and stepmom who were visiting from Ft. Lauderdale.  We stayed in Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.  Which was nice but one of the smaller Disney Resorts that I have stayed in.

This is the opening to the pool.  Behind it (you can kind of see if you look close) is a huge water slide that looks like a dragon.  Saturday morning we checked into the hotel and then headed over to Magic Kingdom.  It was sprinkling most of the day but thank God it didn't get unbearable.  My stepmom has most of the pictures from Saturday when we were at Magic Kingdom.  I made reservations for that night to eat at a restaurant inside the park called Crystal Palace.  It's a really yummy buffet and they have Winnie the Pooh characters that come from table to table.  Madison was still not all that thrilled with the characters but she would let them get a little close to her but she would definately let them know when she had had enough!  Piglet came over to our table (again my stepmom has the pictures sorry!) and started playing with her a little bit and she tolerated it.  Then Piglet started blowing kisses at her and she blew kisses back.  I guess she wanted Piglet to leave after she blew the kisses but he stayed there.  So Madison started blowing MEAN kisses.  I can't really explain what she was doing in writing you had to be there but it was hilarious.  On Sunday the plan was to hang around the hotel and then go to Downtown Disney where there are restaurants and shops.  We went to the pool in the morning but we weren't there for long because it started raining.  It's so cute watching Maddie with other kids.  She likes to get in their faces though.  She'll wave and say hi and then try to poke them in the face.  When we were at the bus stop waiting for a shuttle to go to the park there were three little kids there.  I let Madison down and she ran from each kid to the other saying hi.  She did this for about 5 minutes and she started getting tired running forom one side of the bus stop to the other.  Everyone there was cracking up at her.  Anyways, on Sunday after the pool we went to Downtown Disney and ate at the T-Rex Cafe.  It's just like The Rainforest Cafe but with dinosaurs.

Maddie was very hungry when we got there but when she got some food in her she looked around at all the dinosars.  Every 15 minutes the lights would dim and the dinosaurs would come to life.  Maddie thought it was pretty funny and growled along with the dinosaurs.  But I think it was a little overstimulating for her because she was getting a little crazy and wasn't sure what to do with herself.

Afetr lunch we went into all the shops.  I bought a few bars of goats milk soap and one bar of calomine soap for Madison at a store called Basin.  Goats milk soap is supposed to be really good for skin with excema.  If that doesn't help Madison's skin I don't know what will because I've tried everything it has never fully cleared up.  Later on Maddie danced to the music that was playing there.  She was really getting into it!  She loves dancing.  When we got back to the hotel that night she crashed.
Monday we had intentions on getting up early and going back to the pool since we weren't there for long but none of us could get out of bed.  So we checked out and took the boat that took us down the canal behind our hotel to Downtown Disney to eat lunch.  We walked around a little more for about an hour.  We took her to the water area...

..She got caught in the middle of the water and wasn't to happy.

Needless to say at the end of our trip she was very tired.  Here she is on the boat on the way bakc to the hotel where our cars were...

Poor Baby!!

...But she wasn't too tired to have some fun as we were leaving the hotel.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few pictures from my cousin's babyshower cousin holding up her S.S John Christopher sign and Madison Grace
...Sarah and Maddie doing lots of running around picture; Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Mom, Me and Madison