Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've told you once, I'll tell you again...

Maddie is such a little ham/show-off/full of personality, like I've said plenty times before! Tonight, I was in the kitchen and I heard Maddie saying "bye, bye, bye" I look around the corner and Madison was walking towards the door with her purse, keys, and cell phone. Apparently she believed she was ready to leave the house. It was too cute! I took a picture of her sitting beside her things but I'll have to upload it tomorrow. Here is another thing she did tonight. When you ask Maddie a question she will always shake her head no. My friend was over tonight and we were in my room and I asked Maddie if she wanted to to take a bath. She shook her head no and I showed her to shake her head yes (like I've done before) and she did a circular up and down nodd. And then she started being silly and making us laugh. My friend commented on her being the goofiest child she's seen. And my friend has 3 little sisters so thats a lot coming from her ;). I love it! Maddie definately entertains with her character. Thursday night another one of my friends came over to the house to see Madison because she hadn't seen her in a while. She brought her camera over and started taking pictures, which was a perfect opportunity for Maddie to show off her stuff...

She lifts her shirt up in front of people sometimes. I'm not sure why, it kind of weird. She did it in fromt of her cousins when we went down to Miami last month also.

As for me, I'm still here being a mommy, studying, working. I've gotten my closing shifts back at work. I only work Wednesday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. I haven't been closing a whole lot but this week and the week coming up I have all closing shifts so thats much needed because I make more money that way. But of course this Wednesday coming up is my friend's birthday and I told her I would be out by 8:30, 9:00 and that I would meet up with them. I looked at my schedule and I have a Wednesday night closing shift for the first time in months. I want to go but I don't know if I will because I have class at 8:30 the next morning so we shall see.

As far as school.t is still going good. I'm trying to get an "in" at a school nearby because I have a few things coming up in my classes that it would help if I could get into a class and do observations of the students. I asked Maddie's speech therapist if she could somehow get me into the Montessori school that is right next to my house since she has therapy with one of the little boys there. She gave my the number and told me a little about the owners. One thing she said is that they are little weird about people coming in. I'll call tomorrow and see what happens. I'm doing a project and I want to do it around the Montessori classroom set up and curriculum and I've heard that that Montessori school is a legitimate one. So we'll see what happens.

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