Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Quickie...with no pictures :-(

I haven't been on the computer much for a while. A water pipe busted in our house and flooded two rooms. So my stepdad and uncle have been painting the rooms and putting wood floor down. The two rooms that got flooded were my parents room and my brothers room, both rooms were the only ones left with carpet. But needless to say our house is a MESS. We can barely walk around the house because all the furninture in the rooms had to be taken out. The floors are dirty and dusty so the house is going to need some deep when everything is finished. For a few days my stepdad, brothers and sister all had to sleep out in the living room. Now my brothers have to sleep in the living room because they are finishing up their room. This has been going on since last Tuesday so hopefully everything will be completely finished by the weekend. Within this past week I have taken the kids to the park-where Maddie chased around a little boy with red pants (she wasn't chasing anyone else, just the little boy with red shorts whenever she would see him!). She was squealing when she was chasing him to like to say "hey, I want you!" I have taken Maddie to a play/music class-where she threw a fit every time they transitioned into a new activity because she wanted to keep playing. Last Tuesday was a trial class and we were going to go yesterday so I could enroll her. For some reason the night before and yesterday morning I kept thinking that the class started at 11:15. So I wake up and get Maddie dressed and I go to get dressed while she is eating. I see that it is 10:45 and then it dawns on me..."Crap, the class starts at 10:15 NOT 11:15!!!" Ugghh, I was so mad! So, I figured I would take her to the park. When I looked outside it was such a nice day out that I had the idea to go to the beach. I called up a few friends and finally got a hold of one that wasn't working. And we headed down to the beach for a spur of the moment trip with Maddie, my brother Josh and my sister Sarah. I didn't take any pictures because my friend was taking all the pictures so I'll get those from her and make a post about it.
Maddie has been a little cranky today and has taken two naps, which she basically never does. I think it's just from being at the beach yesterday and not taking a real nap, so she needs to catch up on some sleep.
I have been busy with schoolwork! I have a huge project that counts as my midterm grade due next Thursday that I am kind of stressing about. And I have to study for a midterm that is on Monday. So I probably still won't be on the computer too much for this week.


Kari said...

What a week for you all. Keep a smile on your face - I swear it helps! Sorry you missed the class, but the beach is always fun. Hope you get your house back to normal soon :o)

Cristin said...

You've been a busy little bee! I am totally feeling you on the "so much to do, so little time" thing. It seems so overwhelming at times, but you are a very strong woman and a great mom! Keep it up and the rewards will out weigh the battle to get there!