Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Good Conversation

Maddie babbles all the time. She not only babbles she uses her hands and makes facial expressions as she is babbling. She will stand there for 5 minutes having a conversation with you in her babble language. Even her speech therapist commented on how much she babbles and the manner in which she does it. Sometimes she'll just move her toungue around with noise and not her mouth. She does it in a way that she shows her toungue twisting and going back and forth. And sometimes she'll make the "ch" sound like in "Chanukkah". It's too funny and I can tell she expects us to know what she is talkng about. She has learned a new word in the English language. I thought I had heard her say it before but today I know she said it. I heated her up macaroni and cheese and I was about to give it to her and then I pulled it back and said "oh wait it is hot" and waved my hand over it. Then Maddie said "hot" and waved her hand to. She also copies me when I say "peeuw" and wave my hand in front of my face when she has a dirty diaper.

Here are some pictures of her having a conversation with Sammy the other day...

...making friends

...she likes making eye contact
...sit down, relax, tell me about it
...apparently Sammy did something to make her angry! she is yelling at him
...okay Sammy had enough

Maddie did something today I have never seen her do before. My mom went into the garage and Maddie followed her, grabbed a tub of play food and carried it out of the garage. She sat in the living room and played with it. I was laying on the couch and she was standing beside me with a plastic spoon and one of her little plastic blocks that is in the shape of a cylinder that has a dip at the top and bottom of it. She then took the spoon and "bowl" and pretended to feed me. I've never seen her pretend with anything like that! Except hugging and kissing her babydoll thats the first time I have seen her play like that. I know it's a small thing but I love watching her do new things.

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Camdon's Momma said...

Isn't it amazing how much just a day can make in their little development.
I love watching little man grow and learn each day. All the little things are so exciting and rather large accomplishments.
Way to go Madison!