Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

Maddie saw the Easter Bunny this morning! As you can see smiling but tense. There was no line.. unlike the hour and 15 minutes we had to stand in line for Santa Clause and then I paid 20 dollars for a picture of her screaming it was still cute though. She started to freak out at first and then she started to pet the bunny's ear. And I put her on the lap and we quickly distracted her so she did an awkward transition from crying to smiling lol. But I'm happy with it. It's a cute picture.

She was kind of cranky today mainly this morning. And she didn't eat any of her lunch. I think her tummy hurt. After her second, shall I say "relief" later on tonight she was in a happier mood. Jason got out Sarah's big kitchen and the pots and pans that go with it and she got so excited! Before that me and the boys took her outside on her Leap Frog choo choo train. Which is one of her favorite toys

She was laughing at the boys and then I think she had enough. It was hot out and she gets cranky when she is hot. Like mother like daughter ;).

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