Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still learning..

Well as you can see I just started this blogging thing. And I look at other peoples blogs and I see how pretty they are and I don't know how they get like that! So if you happen to come by my page and you know how to do all that fancy stuff if you would be oh so kind to shoot me a message and help me out a little ;) .. I also have to get some pics on my computer since they all got erased so I can post pics up of Maddie... But I've been a little busy with school.. at least I am TRYING to be busy with school. I have a 5 page paper that counts as our final due on Tuesday and I really haven't started yet. Yes I am probably the BIGGEST possible procrastinator you will ever meet!! I also have to catch up on my computer class before tonights deadline. I had to call out of work today because I was of course told at the last minute that I have to watch the kids. So lets all pray that I don't kill my brother Joshua before the night is over. He seems to be in an okay mood since he got home though so maybe he'll be alright today.
Well I need to do my paper so maybe more later..

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