Saturday, March 21, 2009

Madison, Madison, Madison

My baby girl is almost 15 months old!!! It's gone by sooo quickly! This picture is of her dancing in the car and trying to snap her fingers.
She has been a little bit on the fuzzy side these last couple of days. I am hoping that doesn't mean she is getting sick. I think it's just because she is getting her 'fang' teeth. And she has really bad excema on her legs. It is really bad! I have been giving her oatmeal baths and putting hydrocortizone and aquafor on her. I can tell it bothers her because I catch her scratching her legs occasionally.
She is such a funny little thing. She loves going outside and swinging on her swing while she watches the kids run around and play in the backyard. She is the loudest little baby you will ever come across! She says bye-bye, hi, yay and uh-oh. (She usually says uh-oh before she throws a toy). Growling is still her primary form of communication though, especially when she disagrees with something! She also will hug her baby doll when you tell her to be nice to her baby. But she rather watch someone else say aww to the baby. She is really into showing off when someone is over at the house. She thinks she is hilarious... and she's right!

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