Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caress Me

Ever since Maddie was a tiny little baby she loved to be "caressed". When my mom was giving her a bottle she would tickle her fingers and her face. She would fall asleep just by tickling her face. Her whole body just relaxes. Now that she is older she still loves for you to caress her. She will literally take your hand and put it on her arm so you will tickle her. Sometimes she rubs her face in your hands because she wants her face to be tickled. A few times I have been woken up in the morning by her squealing. When I open my eyes I see her arms with her palms up sticking out of the bars of her crib because she wants me to tickle her! And if she is sitting in your lap and you are tickling her arm she'll let you know that she has had enough on her arm by sticking her leg in your face because she wants to be tickled on her leg now. This little girl is something else! The other day I was at lunch with my friend and Madison was sleepy and a little cranky....

...she was in heaven when we both started tickling her.
...notice the look she gets on her face
...wanting more!
It's so funny how much she loves to be tickled. I wonder if she'll always be like that or if she'll grow out of it.

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Binky45 said...

Maybe. My girlfriend loves to have her feet and ribs tickled. loves it!!!
She doesn't even have to ask anymore I just know to tickle her throughout the day.

A happy Lisa is a ticled Lisa.