Monday, August 24, 2009


So, I've done a really bad job on blogging and reading the blogs that I follow lately. I thought I would write a quick little post tonight. I took Maddie to the doctors last Tuesday and she ended up not having an ear infection or anything. I guess what ever sickness she had was just a quick little cold. I also asked the doctor to do draw blood for an allergy test because her excema is so bad. I thought that maybe she has an allergic reaction to something. They called this morning and the test came out negative. Apparently she just has really awful dry skin on her legs. Hopefully she'll grow out of it. We had that appointment early in the morning so after it was over we went to Panera for breakfast and then went to her play group. Like I've mentioned before the play group is every Tuesday for an hour. Last Tuesday she seemed to remember what goes on since the teacher is very repetitive every week. But, Madison seems to have a meltdown in the last 10 minutes or so of the class. I'm sure she'll adapt though and the hour won't seem so long to her. We'll see how she does tomorrow. After her play group my work was having their annual picnic at a local park so I thought I would stop by with Madison. We get there and I walk up to the pavillion and all attention is on Madison and everybody says hi. What does my daughter do? She squeals her high pitched this-isn't-what-I-want-to-do squeal! Everybody was like what was that?! So I turned around and then turned back around towards them and then she squealed again. So I was like okay I guess we should go play on the playground first. Needless to say she was a little on the anti-social side. It's a hit or miss with that kid I tell ya!! She was tired though because we woke up early and I had her running around all morning. But my co-workers and managers were joking around with me all week about her! Even people that weren't there!!
I've been pretty busy. School, work, stuff at the house, Madison, life. I have another pretty big project that is due on Monday. My school is openeing up their Bachelor's Program in Early Childhood Education. I was going to take the entry test for it but I think I am leaning towards just finishing my Associate's and getting my Bachelor's at a University. Two main reasons are because my teacher, who is the director of my program, couldn't give me a definate yes or no to whether or not the school would have an Elementary Education Bachelor's Program and I would really like to keep that option open for me. And two, I don't think I could be at that school for three more years with the kind of class scheduling that they have. It's not flexible scheduling. The classes are either 8:30-12:20 or 6:00-9:50 and they don't always have the classes available that you need that semester. In two or three years I might be in a point in my life that I might be living on my own with a different job and I'll need more flexibility. So, I'm going to hang tight and finish my Associate's in Early Childhood Education and go from there.

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You've been busy! Slow down! lol!