Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maddie Things

Maddie does new things everyday. She's so much fun. She usually sleeps pretty late in the mornings she always has. But now if she wakes up before I want to get up I can turn the TV on and she watches it for a little bit. She loves to eat pasta. She usually keeps herself busy playing with her toys. She is also into dancing with music now. It's so cute she swings herself around and acts like she is snapping her fingers. She seems to have a lot to say and she is very animated! She "talks" by making noise while she moves her tongue around and she usually doesn't move her mouth. And she'll point with her finger while she is "talking" to you. Her new real words she says now are all done and peek-a-boo. When the kids are playing outside with their friends she'll go to the back door and sit their and watch them the whole time. Here are some pictures of what she likes to do!

Here she is reading to Nana the Great when she was visiting us. She loves that book... notice the pointing.
Here she is playing with Sarah's princess keyboard. She was pressing the buttons and dancing and laughing.

Yesterday I picked up her new medicine that the pediatrician called in for me since her excema is still really bad. She prescribed a stronger hydrocortizone and an oral medicine in case it's an skin infection that she has. So hopefully this helps because she is always itching and seems a little irritable by her rashes.

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DeeDee said...

how precious...
love the pics.
I found your blog from Lynnette's blog..
Enjoy these days with your little one - they pass all to fast :)
Sweet Blessings