Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny Things

Maddie was full of funny things tonight. First I was sitting on the couch and she was playing on the floor and I look over at her and she had pushed herself off of the floor and was standing! And then of course she fell back down and laughed because she thinks it is funny to do that. And we started laughing at her and giving her attention so she kept doing it. I've never seen her push up from the floor to a standing position before. She would put her butte up in the air put never go all the way up. NOW ALL SHE NEEDS TO DO IS TAKE SOME STEPS. I snapped a picture real quick with my camera. She is kind of in a mid-standing-mid-falling position...

After her dinner I put her to play on the floor. And then I realized that she stunk really, really bad. So I changed her diaper and her clothes had some poopie on them. It was 7 o'clock and I knew I was going to give her a bath so I just left her in her diaper which I very rarely do. She was being funny again and she looked so cute in only her diaper. So I snapped some pictures of my clothesless baby...

..look at this liitle ham! She has her head to the side and everything!!

And then she started playing with toybox in our room. She took out her little telephone. And the next time I looked at her she was in the corner looking at herself in the mirror and "talking" on her little play phone. I was soooo cute. I took out the video camera and recorded her. I wish I knew how to/had the patience to upload videos and post them. And then when my stepdad came home she saw him and sat in the kitchen just talking to him and pointing her finger and swinging her arms around for a good 5 minutes. It is so funny how animated she is. I was cracking up! She was really trying to hold a conversation.
Something kind of funny happened to me at work today too. My last table I had a husband and wife. The wife looked familiar at first I thought she might have been my math professor. But after I heard her talk I knew she wasn't. A little later she asked me what school I went to and I told her and she said she thought I looked familiar. Turns out that she was my assistant principal at my high school and she remembered me. I think that she was at the high school that I went to my freshman year also. I went to a different high school because they were building a new one and I lived in the boundary lines to switch. And I think that she transferred over. If I'm right then she was the one my freshman year that always busted me for "too short" shorts. Which in my opinion our shorts weren't too short and the administrators were just being shorts nazis. I just thought it was funny that she recognized me because its been a good 4 years ago and I really didn't stand out in least I didn't think I did.
Tomorrow the early intervention lady is coming to the house so I have to wake up early to clean the floors. My mom said that she was making a visit to the house to see what condition we live in because I'm young and single. And that when my little sister (who walked late also because she was very sick with protussis(sp?) in the PICU for almost 2 months when she was a baby so it set her back a little) went through EI they didn't come over to the house. And that it was because she was older, married and had other kids. Another discrimination against young single mothers.

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