Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend my dad and stepmom came into town to visit. On Saturday they spent a little bit of time with us and then went to dinner. Maddie behaved pretty good. At dinner there were these two little blonde boys sitting at the table behind us (I guess they reminded her of Josh and Jason even though they were younger) oh boy, when they caught her eye she smiled real big and started waving and saying hi to them over and over. (Her "hi" sounds more like "ha".) It was so funny because she's never said hi like that to anyone else except for us when we walk in the door. It was like she was so excited to see these two little boys. Today we took Maddie to the zoo for the first time! I was surprised at how attentive she was to the animals. Her favorite were the birds. She was saying hi to them and laughing. But then she would get startled when they would flap their wings. And of course she didn't like it when the animals got too close. Here are some pictures from our day today...

Looking at the birds..

Looking at the monkeys..

This orangutan had his face plastered right up against the glass. I wanted to get Maddie's picture taken sitting next to him...

...but she was NOT having it!

It really freaked her out... I guess you can't blame her!

Maddie looking at the White Tigers..
This animal she was excited to see for some reason. She was waving hi and pulling towards it...

At the elephants...

Bald Eagles...

...and Manatees

I really wanted to get our picture taken with the giraffe (so much that we went back a second time after the first failed attempt) because they were so close to us (people were feeding them). Maddie.. not so much. Apparently the giraffe's tongue came out right behind my head. I didn't see it but Maddie did and she started screaming.

At the petting zoo..

..she doesn't look to impressed
...and an exhausted Maddie falling asleep with her PB&J still in her hand.
It was a fun day but we were both pretty beat afterwards. She took a little nap in the car ride home. And then when we got home she was all happy and excited to be home and free on the floor. But that didn't last too long. She started getting unbearable. So needless to say she went to sleep before it was even dark.

I'm pretty sleepy myself. And tomorrow we have a lot to do. So I'm probably going to bed soon myself...and it is only 9:30. Oh the life of a mommy! ;)

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