Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little Model...crazy hair and all

The other day I took my camera out and snapped a picture of Maddie. I realized that she was sitting still and smiling and she wanted me to take more pictures of her! So she started posing, it was too cute. The top picture, though, I put on here to show the face she puts on when she scratches her legs (she still has pretty bad excema although sometimes we think she scratches out of habit) she puts on this concentrated face and scratches with one finger. It's funny to watch in person, the way she does it. She likes to look at the pictures of herself now too. She'll point at them and babble something.
There isn't to much to update about Maddie. She'll be 16 months on Sunday!!.. aww my baby! The Early Steps program from USF contacted me the other day. Apparently they skipped over the screening and sent a referral for her to be evaluated by them. So a lady is going to come to our house on Monday. I don't think she is really going to do anything with Maddie. She told me she was just going to give me some papers to sign. I'm sure she'll probably ask me some questions also. At least the process didn't take over a month like I thought it was going to.
As for me. Just the usual. School. Work. Madison. I don't work that much anymore, maybe 20-25 hours a week (if that). No more double shifts and 35-40 hours a week! I mean working a lot is fine when you like your job and you want to be there. My job has its ups and downs. But I definately would never want to be there forever. I work with a few people that have been servers at the OG for 15 years. No thank you! School is still going good. This semester seems like it is going to be pretty easy. It's either that or last semester just seemed harder to me because I was getting used to going back to school.. I don't know ask me again in a few weeks when midterms come around! I've been getting A's on my math tests. My teacher is a pretty good teacher. I asked her since I'm getting A's on my tests if I'll pretty much pass the class. She laughed at me and said yeah that's pretty much how it goes. I have that career development development class tomorrow morning. Which is one of those pointless classes with a pointless teacher that has a heavy accent (she apparently speaks 4 languages) and is a little off her rocker. I also have to work tomorrow night. Which is something I was trying to avoid.. going to class and work the same day. But it's not too bad because I only have to do it for 3 more weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to work it out next semester so it won't happen again.

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