Monday, April 20, 2009

S -C A T- T E R E D

So I've been saying that today was going to be a busy day and that me and Maddie had a lot to do. Yeah I'm just being a lazy bum! I did a little bit. I put my clothes away that were in my room I still have to put Maddie's away. I finished up my written schoolwork for class tomorrow. I still have to study but I'll do that tonight after I put Maddie to bed. I wanted to go to the bank and the store but it's kind of late and Madison is still in bed from her nap and we aren't dressed yet... yes it is 3 o'clock. The weather hasn't been very nice out anyway. I have to do a little bit of laundry. And Maddie still doesn't have a pediatrician. I called to get the number of this one doctor but 411 didn't have a listing for him. So tomorrow after school I'll go by her previous pediatrician and ask for a list of names so I can call Medicaid and tell them which HMO I want to be on. I didn't go to the gym all last week. So I'm probably gonna go tonight with or without my friend.

Madison still isn't walking! I see these babies that are younger than her walking and running around. Her crawling around every where is rough on her legs and makes her excema worse and since her skin is sensitive anyways her knees bleed even when she has pants on. Speaking of putting her pants on. Just about all her pants have lovely holes in the knees from her crawling. She'll stand by herself but then she'll fall because she thinks the falling is funny.

Well that was my scattered post.
Here is the s-cat-tered part of the post
wow is that corny?

These are pictures of Maddie and our cat Sammy. Madison loves the cat. She goes over to him and "pets" him. And the cat just sits there. Sometimes she'll get in the cats face and have a conversation with him.
That was the fifrst and last time we put the cat in the crib in there with her. He never has gotten in their by himself. He hardly ever gets in my room because I just kick him right back out.

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