Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Monday night Maddie took a few steps! I was sitting down and had my arms underneath her arms and walking her along and I let go and she just kept on going and she took 3 more steps all by herself! I squealed and said Maddie just walked and everyone came running. And as soon as the little ham realized that she was the center show she was to excited to take enymore steps. She just kept falling down while laughing and saying yayy. She thinks she is so funny!... and she is! She took a few more steps after that but she hasn't again. She is 16 months now and still not walking. But it's kind of in character for her though. When she was 12 months we were all excited that she started crawling on all fours instead of doing the army crawl thing that she did all the time to get around. I don't know maybe thats just the way that she is? Remember how the Early Intervention lady was supposed to come to our house on Monday. She cancelled on me 20 minutes before she was supposed to show up. So I wasn't too happy but oh well. She said she was going to be in her office today and that she would give me a call to reschedule but she didn't.

Anyway.. Maddie was talking to herself in front of the mirror again yesterday so I snapped a few pictures of her... camera isn't the best quality.. but it does the trick.

Saturday I might be taking her on her first trip to the beach with my friend Christa and her younger sisters. I don't know what to expect with that! It should be fun.

On the school front I have a research paper and a diagram of a classroom based on sociocultural learning theory due on Tuesday. I also need to work on my career development portfolio that is due 2 Fridays from now. And next week is midterm studying time. So fun fun coming up!

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