Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pics and School

Didn't her pictures come out adorable! I'm sending them out today.
I started a whole new term at school today. I had my early childhood education class today. It's my second term. The professor in that class is the ECE pragram director. I had heard she is a very book oriented teacher and it's true. Different then my first ECE teacher. But I kind of like that so it should be a good class. I'm excited! There are only 8 of us in the class and I know 4 of the other people from my previous class. So that was nice. It makes the school experience so much more enjoyable since the classes are so small. It's fun and easier to have class discussions that way. Thursday nights I have CP Math. Uggh I hate math and I have to take 2 terms of it instead of 1 since I didn't test into college level math. Then Friday mornings I have a 6 week Career Development class that everyone has to take.

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For Their Future said...

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