Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Monday night Maddie took a few steps! I was sitting down and had my arms underneath her arms and walking her along and I let go and she just kept on going and she took 3 more steps all by herself! I squealed and said Maddie just walked and everyone came running. And as soon as the little ham realized that she was the center show she was to excited to take enymore steps. She just kept falling down while laughing and saying yayy. She thinks she is so funny!... and she is! She took a few more steps after that but she hasn't again. She is 16 months now and still not walking. But it's kind of in character for her though. When she was 12 months we were all excited that she started crawling on all fours instead of doing the army crawl thing that she did all the time to get around. I don't know maybe thats just the way that she is? Remember how the Early Intervention lady was supposed to come to our house on Monday. She cancelled on me 20 minutes before she was supposed to show up. So I wasn't too happy but oh well. She said she was going to be in her office today and that she would give me a call to reschedule but she didn't.

Anyway.. Maddie was talking to herself in front of the mirror again yesterday so I snapped a few pictures of her... camera isn't the best quality.. but it does the trick.

Saturday I might be taking her on her first trip to the beach with my friend Christa and her younger sisters. I don't know what to expect with that! It should be fun.

On the school front I have a research paper and a diagram of a classroom based on sociocultural learning theory due on Tuesday. I also need to work on my career development portfolio that is due 2 Fridays from now. And next week is midterm studying time. So fun fun coming up!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny Things

Maddie was full of funny things tonight. First I was sitting on the couch and she was playing on the floor and I look over at her and she had pushed herself off of the floor and was standing! And then of course she fell back down and laughed because she thinks it is funny to do that. And we started laughing at her and giving her attention so she kept doing it. I've never seen her push up from the floor to a standing position before. She would put her butte up in the air put never go all the way up. NOW ALL SHE NEEDS TO DO IS TAKE SOME STEPS. I snapped a picture real quick with my camera. She is kind of in a mid-standing-mid-falling position...

After her dinner I put her to play on the floor. And then I realized that she stunk really, really bad. So I changed her diaper and her clothes had some poopie on them. It was 7 o'clock and I knew I was going to give her a bath so I just left her in her diaper which I very rarely do. She was being funny again and she looked so cute in only her diaper. So I snapped some pictures of my clothesless baby...

..look at this liitle ham! She has her head to the side and everything!!

And then she started playing with toybox in our room. She took out her little telephone. And the next time I looked at her she was in the corner looking at herself in the mirror and "talking" on her little play phone. I was soooo cute. I took out the video camera and recorded her. I wish I knew how to/had the patience to upload videos and post them. And then when my stepdad came home she saw him and sat in the kitchen just talking to him and pointing her finger and swinging her arms around for a good 5 minutes. It is so funny how animated she is. I was cracking up! She was really trying to hold a conversation.
Something kind of funny happened to me at work today too. My last table I had a husband and wife. The wife looked familiar at first I thought she might have been my math professor. But after I heard her talk I knew she wasn't. A little later she asked me what school I went to and I told her and she said she thought I looked familiar. Turns out that she was my assistant principal at my high school and she remembered me. I think that she was at the high school that I went to my freshman year also. I went to a different high school because they were building a new one and I lived in the boundary lines to switch. And I think that she transferred over. If I'm right then she was the one my freshman year that always busted me for "too short" shorts. Which in my opinion our shorts weren't too short and the administrators were just being shorts nazis. I just thought it was funny that she recognized me because its been a good 4 years ago and I really didn't stand out in least I didn't think I did.
Tomorrow the early intervention lady is coming to the house so I have to wake up early to clean the floors. My mom said that she was making a visit to the house to see what condition we live in because I'm young and single. And that when my little sister (who walked late also because she was very sick with protussis(sp?) in the PICU for almost 2 months when she was a baby so it set her back a little) went through EI they didn't come over to the house. And that it was because she was older, married and had other kids. Another discrimination against young single mothers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little Model...crazy hair and all

The other day I took my camera out and snapped a picture of Maddie. I realized that she was sitting still and smiling and she wanted me to take more pictures of her! So she started posing, it was too cute. The top picture, though, I put on here to show the face she puts on when she scratches her legs (she still has pretty bad excema although sometimes we think she scratches out of habit) she puts on this concentrated face and scratches with one finger. It's funny to watch in person, the way she does it. She likes to look at the pictures of herself now too. She'll point at them and babble something.
There isn't to much to update about Maddie. She'll be 16 months on Sunday!!.. aww my baby! The Early Steps program from USF contacted me the other day. Apparently they skipped over the screening and sent a referral for her to be evaluated by them. So a lady is going to come to our house on Monday. I don't think she is really going to do anything with Maddie. She told me she was just going to give me some papers to sign. I'm sure she'll probably ask me some questions also. At least the process didn't take over a month like I thought it was going to.
As for me. Just the usual. School. Work. Madison. I don't work that much anymore, maybe 20-25 hours a week (if that). No more double shifts and 35-40 hours a week! I mean working a lot is fine when you like your job and you want to be there. My job has its ups and downs. But I definately would never want to be there forever. I work with a few people that have been servers at the OG for 15 years. No thank you! School is still going good. This semester seems like it is going to be pretty easy. It's either that or last semester just seemed harder to me because I was getting used to going back to school.. I don't know ask me again in a few weeks when midterms come around! I've been getting A's on my math tests. My teacher is a pretty good teacher. I asked her since I'm getting A's on my tests if I'll pretty much pass the class. She laughed at me and said yeah that's pretty much how it goes. I have that career development development class tomorrow morning. Which is one of those pointless classes with a pointless teacher that has a heavy accent (she apparently speaks 4 languages) and is a little off her rocker. I also have to work tomorrow night. Which is something I was trying to avoid.. going to class and work the same day. But it's not too bad because I only have to do it for 3 more weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to work it out next semester so it won't happen again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

S -C A T- T E R E D

So I've been saying that today was going to be a busy day and that me and Maddie had a lot to do. Yeah I'm just being a lazy bum! I did a little bit. I put my clothes away that were in my room I still have to put Maddie's away. I finished up my written schoolwork for class tomorrow. I still have to study but I'll do that tonight after I put Maddie to bed. I wanted to go to the bank and the store but it's kind of late and Madison is still in bed from her nap and we aren't dressed yet... yes it is 3 o'clock. The weather hasn't been very nice out anyway. I have to do a little bit of laundry. And Maddie still doesn't have a pediatrician. I called to get the number of this one doctor but 411 didn't have a listing for him. So tomorrow after school I'll go by her previous pediatrician and ask for a list of names so I can call Medicaid and tell them which HMO I want to be on. I didn't go to the gym all last week. So I'm probably gonna go tonight with or without my friend.

Madison still isn't walking! I see these babies that are younger than her walking and running around. Her crawling around every where is rough on her legs and makes her excema worse and since her skin is sensitive anyways her knees bleed even when she has pants on. Speaking of putting her pants on. Just about all her pants have lovely holes in the knees from her crawling. She'll stand by herself but then she'll fall because she thinks the falling is funny.

Well that was my scattered post.
Here is the s-cat-tered part of the post
wow is that corny?

These are pictures of Maddie and our cat Sammy. Madison loves the cat. She goes over to him and "pets" him. And the cat just sits there. Sometimes she'll get in the cats face and have a conversation with him.
That was the fifrst and last time we put the cat in the crib in there with her. He never has gotten in their by himself. He hardly ever gets in my room because I just kick him right back out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend my dad and stepmom came into town to visit. On Saturday they spent a little bit of time with us and then went to dinner. Maddie behaved pretty good. At dinner there were these two little blonde boys sitting at the table behind us (I guess they reminded her of Josh and Jason even though they were younger) oh boy, when they caught her eye she smiled real big and started waving and saying hi to them over and over. (Her "hi" sounds more like "ha".) It was so funny because she's never said hi like that to anyone else except for us when we walk in the door. It was like she was so excited to see these two little boys. Today we took Maddie to the zoo for the first time! I was surprised at how attentive she was to the animals. Her favorite were the birds. She was saying hi to them and laughing. But then she would get startled when they would flap their wings. And of course she didn't like it when the animals got too close. Here are some pictures from our day today...

Looking at the birds..

Looking at the monkeys..

This orangutan had his face plastered right up against the glass. I wanted to get Maddie's picture taken sitting next to him...

...but she was NOT having it!

It really freaked her out... I guess you can't blame her!

Maddie looking at the White Tigers..
This animal she was excited to see for some reason. She was waving hi and pulling towards it...

At the elephants...

Bald Eagles...

...and Manatees

I really wanted to get our picture taken with the giraffe (so much that we went back a second time after the first failed attempt) because they were so close to us (people were feeding them). Maddie.. not so much. Apparently the giraffe's tongue came out right behind my head. I didn't see it but Maddie did and she started screaming.

At the petting zoo..

..she doesn't look to impressed
...and an exhausted Maddie falling asleep with her PB&J still in her hand.
It was a fun day but we were both pretty beat afterwards. She took a little nap in the car ride home. And then when we got home she was all happy and excited to be home and free on the floor. But that didn't last too long. She started getting unbearable. So needless to say she went to sleep before it was even dark.

I'm pretty sleepy myself. And tomorrow we have a lot to do. So I'm probably going to bed soon myself...and it is only 9:30. Oh the life of a mommy! ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Color Me Pretty

Yesterday Maddie was a little cranky in the morning so I put her down for an early nap. As a result she was pretty cranky in the evening also because she was tired earlier. But we attempted to color anyways with her first coloring book and crayons that she got from the Easter Bunny!

Here is Sarah showing Maddie how to color...

...even though she would rather play with the crayons...

...she finally got the gist of it...

...and here she is just being a goof!

Today has been a nasty, rainy, thunderstorm kind of day all day. So we haven't gone anywhere. I just went to school this morning. While I was in class a lady from the early intervention program called me and asked me a few questions and now I have to wait for USF to call me so we can get an appointment scheduled. Madison still doesn't have any insurance. The Florida KidCare application is processing though so hopefully she'll have insurance by next month. It just kind of sucks that I have to change pediatricians though since hers doesn't take KidCare.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here are some pictures during the day of Maddie's second Easter...

Here is her Easter basket all set up for her by the Easter Bunny the night before all her morning glory...

...uhh!! whats that?!...
...uh-oh! what did she find??...

...could it be?! a tete!...
(aka pacifier) exciting!...

...she is too funny.