Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy, Busy and Mother's Day

Today was my second Mother's Day and it was pretty uneventful. I didn't even get a picture taken with Maddie today so I posted one from last year. She was 4 1/2 months old. It was windy out and she is sticking her tongue out to feel the wind lol. It was pretty hectic at work today but not as awful as I thought it would be. Maybe because I knew what to expect and last year I didn't. It also helped that I worked in the morning and I didn't walk into the chaos at 5 o'clock like last year. After work I got home and played with Maddie a little bit and then put her to bed. I didn't see my mom because she had left for work by the time I got home.
This week has been pretty busy. My last few days in a nutshell: Wednesday me and Maddie were out all morning running errands and then I had to go to work at 4. Thursday I went to get my bi-weekly (or so) pedicure (which the lady totally screwed up my design). After that I met my friend for lunch and I listened to how awful her boyfriend was and all of the drama. Then I got home and I attempted to finish my take home math test for class later that night. But my mom asked me to take her to the hospital so she could get an epidural for her back because luck would have it and the doctor was there and would do it for her that night. So me and Maddie drove her and she was there for about 4 hours. To kill time I went to drop off my test to my teacher and asked her what kind of review she was doing for the midterm next week. She looked at me and said "Oh the midterm is next week?" Yeah its next week (great teacher awareness there). After the hospital we went to a late dinner and made a pitstop at Wal-Mart. We didn't get home until about 11. Which I NEVER have Maddie out that late so she was in kind of a daze. Friday I was on the phone in the morning with Medicaid trying to get the new pediatrician assigned to Madison's medicaid plan so she can go to the doctor. Well, to make a long frustrating story short the lady that I talked to 2 weeks ago didn't put me on the right plan that I asked for. And with my luck the general Medicaid system couldn't pull up my pediatrician so they can be assigned to Madison. So I have to wait another month to get it all straightened out. I wan not too happy at the thought that this could have all been avoided if the lady that I spoke to 2 weeks ago hadn't screwed up in the first place. So now I have to wait even more to take Maddie to the doctor. I went to work that night and after work I met up with my friend for dinner and heard all about the drama of how she broke up with her boyfriend (I'm getting to a point with that). I also found out that my ex (not Madison's father) has a girlfriend now. Which I'm not sure why I gave that a second thought. It's not because I am jealous. I am very clear about being perfectly happy not having a boyfriend. I don't have the time or the energy for one. It's not because I'm lonely. Because I'm not. I have a guy friend that I hang out with every once in a while when we are both free and we just keep each other company. And then there is this guy I met from school. He was kind of bugging me the past couple of weeks about hanging out with him and I kept turning him down and I haven't heard from him in the past couple days. Which is fine by me because he was texting me everyday and it was getting annoying. It's not because I miss him. We were friends for almost 3 years before we started dating but while we were dating it was just one big mistake. I could make a HUGE list of things that were wrong with our relationship but I'm not going to. I think it is because last time I heard he was lonely and miserable and I guess I wanted him to stay that way for a good while. Yes I am a little evil that way! muahaha!! Anyways.. Saturday before work Sarah and I ran a few errands. My stepdad has been really really sick and he wanted me to get a few things from the store for him so I went grocery shopping also while Maddie was napping. I was also stressing out about getting my friend to come pick up Madison for a little bit while I went to work because James was too sick to watch her. And my brother Jason (who helps out with Maddie too) was really sick too. But my mom came home early from work so it all worked out. By now I was also starting to stress that I hadn't done any schoolwork for the week. So I did some tonight and I'll do alot more tomorrow. I have also been yelling at my friend tonight who had been complaining about her boyfriend. She called me saying that she was meeting him in a few hours. I told her how absolutely ridiculous she is and she doesn't need to go running to a boy just because she is lonely. I said more because there is definately more to it. I think she was tired of me lecturing her because she pretty much hang up on me. I felt kind of bad because its not really like me to lecture my friends. There life is there life. But really now. She is my best friend and she has only been with this guy for 6 months and she has been off again on again with him too much. I just know what it is like not being able to let go and getting to deep into something and when you realize you need to get out it's too late. It's not worth it and I have unfortunately been in that situation more than once.

Anyway on the Maddie front.. her little legs are still pretty tore up. I'm not sure what to do about them anymore. She is still a happy little goofball though. I think I'm going to take a picture of them and post it up here. Also her evaluaion is scheduled for June 4th.

Here is a picture of Sarah the other night. This is how she fell asleep...

That's a balloon under her nightie. My stepdad said to me "Monica come her your sister is pregnant." Oh the silly things 7 year old little girls do! I can't wait to see the things Maddie does. I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories for the future.


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Hi, I just found your blog, your little girl is so adorable!

rabidbutterfly said...

hey! just found your blog, two are absolutely adoreable! i know what it's like to be a young mother without the father in the picture, i was 17 when i had my daughter. she's now thirteen, and an awesome's so nice how much your family can help you to raise a child even without their father to help you.
anyway, one thing i do NOT know much about is of my neices had it as a small child, but i was so young i don't remember what my sister did about it. i DO know, though, that i have read on several blogs that goatmilk soap is supposed to really help with this. don't know if you've tried it, but i really think it's worth a shot, reading how many children it has helped. i'm planning on buying some for my youngest, who is 6, because she's constantly complaining of itching after her nighttime shower, and i've even resorted to baby-soap and lotion to help her.
anyway, here's the website that has been's a little pricey, but not compared to some, and i think it's worth a try.

i hope you find some relief for your beautiful little girl, and i'm around if you ever need to talk.