Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maddie Play

...Maddie playing with her babydoll.

...Who you starin at?!

...With one of her favorite toys. She loves that piggy.

I love watching Maddie talk to herself and play with her toys. I wish I could capture every moment even though she isn't all that cooperative when I want to take a picture of her and my camera isn't all that great.
I took Maddie to the pediatrician today. She has an ear in fection in both ears so she is on antibiotics now. This is actually her third ear infection. I went to her old pediatrician without insurance yet again. Well she has insurance just not the right one because Medicaid screwed up. She has an appointment with her new pediatrician on June 3rd and hopefully everything will be straightened out by then. Her old pediatrician was nice enough to "cancel" her appointment so I didn't have to pay. It was really good of her to do that. She was like I can't take your money again. Considering that this was my third time taking her to the pediatrician without insurance. She also knows our family pretty well. I was actually sad when I found out I couldn't go to her anymore because her practice doesn't except the insurance that Maddie qualifies for. Afterwards me and my mom went to lunch and then Babies R'Us. I went to go drop off the prescription at Publix and I don't know why I didn't just wait there the 20 minutes they told me it was going to take because I had to take Maddie back out into the rain and traffic to go pick it up later on. Not the best choice.

Thursday is my brother Josh's 11th birthday. Early Friday we leave for Disney and get back Monday. In two weeks is Madison's physical therapy evaluation. And in 4 weeks is my 21st birthday!!!! Then the day after my birthday me and Maddie will be leaving for South Florida to visit family. I'm looking forward to going just not necessarily to the plane ride. 55 minutes feels like 5 hours when you have a wiggly 18 month old on your lap. And she hasn't always been on her best behavior when we are down there. But she has been getting a little better with every trip so hopefully she'll be okay this time.

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