Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ugghh I am sick. It seems like someone in my house is always sick. I probably caught it from being home with my sick little brother all week. Maddie is on antibiotics for her ear infection but now her nose is running like crazy. Great. I just got a letter from the insurance plan that she needs to be on in the mail though. So now she is on the right plan. Amazing! I just have to call them on Monday to change her doctor and this Medicaid nightmare will finally be over. We haven't done too much since we got back this weekend. Some new Maddie things: She tries to reach door knobs soon she'll be opening doors!! Another Great. She likes to give me big, wet kissies on my mouth and makes the muah sound. Yesterday she was walking around in circles with something in her hand and I was saying bye to her and she would say bye back. And then I said "bye, see you later." And she repeated back "bye, later." It was too cute. Ummm, I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of other things that I wrote in my post for over a hour Thursday night and then somehow I pressed something everything got deleted and I couldn't get it back. Yeah I wasn't too happy! But my head is a little foggy right now, you know from being sick.
But here are some pictures I took last week...

I know I seem to have a fetish with taking pictures of Madison eating like here but she has the funniest expressions and she is just so cute.

Anyways I got my midterm grade back from my math class Thursday night. Would you like to guess what I got? A 108%. Yep, me in Math (well College Prep Math). I also got my schedule for next semester. I have two ECE classes and a regular College Math class. I'm wondering if this next semester will be harder since I have two ECE classes.

Last night was a crazy night at work because of high school graduations and I didn't get home until a little after 12. I have to work tonight also and I'm kind of hoping they'll send me home. You would think they wouldn't want a sick server working tables but I have served before with hardly a voice so I never know. I don't feel good so I'll leave you with a few pictures that were in my camera when I got home..

Notice her Madison cup in the pictures that I bought her before we left for Disney.
And this note and picture I found when I got home...

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Congrats on your test!
she looks so adorable in all of those pictures!