Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures with Mommy??

Maddie isn't acting awfully sick but I can tell she doesnt feel all that great. And she has a yucky, wet cough. Here are some pictures I was taking yesterday... you can see by her puffy little eyes.

I was trying to get a picture with me and her but it wasn't working out too well...

..this is her squealing at me

...thats not a smile, it's a whine

And yes I am aware that my child has wild hair. But I never take her out like that!! I always put a clip in her hair before we leave the house.

I guess she just doesn't like taking pictures with her mommy. Kind of like this time when she was a few months old...

Not the best pictures of either us.

After that she was playing on the floor. And I told her to come to the kitchen because her yum yums were ready and she came crawling really fast into the kitchen. I love how she comprehends and responds to what we say. Like when I tell her to get a certain toy and she goes to her cabinet in the entertainment center and gets the toy.
Here are some pictures I took of her after her nap...

...huh?! whats that?

She loves to "play" on the piano when the kids are practicing piano.

I've also noticed that she likes being manipulative, just to be manipulative. She'll be in my lap and I'll go to put her on the floor and she doesn't want to. Then about 10 seconds later she'll whine to go on the floor. She wants to do things on her terms. Not like her mommy or anything.
For me, I took all my midterms this week. I got an A on my ECE midterm and I have an A in the class. I think I did good on my math midterm. I'll find out Thursday and I have an A in that class also. I also took my final for my Friday morning class. This week is probably going to be busy. I have to get things ready for our stay in Disney and buy some shorts. I don't think I have worn shorts since before I had Madison due to my fat, white legs.I have to get ready for work now but I'll leave you with a picture of Maddie I took this morning. She was making some funny Madison faces but then of course stopped when I grabbed my camera. But it's still a cute picture...

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

She is so adorable!!! I love her wild hair too
Congrats on your finals!
I have been trying to figure out who you look like and I finally figured it out. you look like katherine mcphee. I don't know why it was bugging me that I couldn't figure it out, I have way too much time on my hands LOL