Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The lady from the USF Early Intervention program came to the house today. She just told me about the program and I signed a few papers. She said this was the first step in the process. And that the next step was an evaluation of her communication and her fine and gross motor skills. Which will hopefully happen within the next 3 weeks. And if she quallifies for the program (which she probably will, but I guess we will see) that she will find a physical therapist for her. Hopefully one that will be able to come to our house but she explained that there isn't a whole lot of physical therapists around and a lot of them are pretty booked. So we might have to go to a clinic instead of them coming to us. She also filled out a little questionare that she was asking me and the results were that her communication, fine motor skills and cognitive development were fine but her gross motor skills for her age scored a zero. She asked if Madison stood by herself and I said no not really, she'll stand for a second and then fall. And then I stood her up and what did she do? She stood there and took a step! But we were also talking about how weak she seems to be and maybe it's low muscle tone. Of course the evaluation and therapist will be the judge of that though. So she is going to call me with a few dates so that I can schedule the evaluation.

Anyway, yesterday I was working on my research paper and classroom diagram that was due this morning. Madison was kind of on the cranky side and driving me crazy while I was trying to do my work. So I decided to take her outside in hopes that she would be content when I brought her back in. My plan didn't work too well but here are some pics...

I also learned at school today that they might be putting a bachelor's program in the school for teachers. I hope they do by the time I am done with my associate's so I don't have to change schools!

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