Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Disney Trip

Friday- Friday we woke up early and drove to Magic Kingdom. It rained all day, well it rained everyday we were there, but this day it started raining early and didn't stop. It wasn't just raining it was pouring. So needless to say we couldn't do much. Maddie didn't get to go on any rides like Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh or It's A Small World! Which was kind of sad but oh well, next time. We ate lunch at a really yummy buffet restaurant that we go to every Disney trip. This restaurant has the Winnie the Pooh characters come around to the tables while you eat. Here are the results of that. Maddie didn't appreciate it too much...

Jason and Sarah consoling Maddie

Can you find the baby?

On the look out

After lunch we went back to the hotel very wet. Me, Maddie and Jason had our own hotel and the two of them had no problem settling down for the night.

Saturday- Saturday James and Josh woke up early to go to Star Wars weekend in Hollywood Studios. The rest of us slept in a little bit and went to the pool. The Disney Resort we stayed at had 7 pools and 1 big one. The big pool had a kiddie area with a slide and then the regular pool area had 2 slides. Maddie didn't like the pool very much then, but when we went back later on she was all about it and excited. Oh the mind of a one year old. My mom, Jason and Sarah left to meet James and Josh and me and Maddie stayed at the resort. It was already close to one o'clock and I knew she would be better off with a nap. I thought we were going to the park to see the Fantasma show but it was cancelled because of the weather so we stayed at the resort all day on Saturday.

Sunday- Sunday we went to Epcot. We planned on going to Hollywood Studio but the lines just to get in were absolutely ridiculous. Epcot has a lot of inside interactive areas that Maddie liked to run around in. Oh yeah did I mention that she started walking!!!!! We were in the hotel room and she started taking a few steps from bed to bed and then next thing I know she is walking around the room!! I guess Disney World inspired her. I love watching her toddle around it is so cute.
Epcot also has A Living Seas Area. To get in you ride this cute Nemo ride and then inside the building is a big aquarium, activities and a play area.

She loved watching the fish swim around and she threw a fit when we left.

Here she is being silly in the play area. Did I mention I loved watching her walk around?

Monday- Monday we went back to Hollywood Studios and it was a lot less crowded since Star Wars weekend was over. Hollywood Studios has a Playhouse Disney show for the little kids. Me, my mom, Maddie and Sarah watched it. Maddie loved it! I'm sure she recognized the characters because she watches the shows in the mornings. She was contently watching and dancing and clapping it was too cute.

And after the show...

Right before we left we went to the American Idol Experience. It's where they reinact American Idol. She was clapping and dancing around for that also.

That was our Disney trip in the nutshell. Minus crying, storms, flooding and heat, crowds, a sick kid, messes, and many dirty diapers that leak from a certain baby that has been on antibiotics. But all in all it was a good trip and Maddie seemed to have fun.


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

those pictures of her crying were funny...is that wrong they made me laugh? LOL Congrats on her walking!!!

Single Mom Seeking said...

What a beauty!! This is my first time at your blog... other kids love to touch my daughter's hair, too. Those curls!

mylittlebecky said...

piglet! eeee! looks lik you guys had fun :)

japancinema said...

wow, your child is sooooo cute, and this is coming from a 24 year old guy lol. Great pics, nice blog too!

Lil' Woman said...
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